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185 Bevan Ln, Grand Junction, CO

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185 Bevan Ln, Grand Junction, CO

Sold:  $420,000 ($225/sq.ft.)           on 7/10/17    Built in 1996.

Stucco Santa Fe ranch house on 5.76-acres horse property in Orchard Mesa on high bluff overlooking Gunnison River.  At northeast corner of property, Bevan Ln. becomes private gravel road that continues along east edge of property (also serving neighbor on other side) past driveway to house.  (Gravel turns into narrow dirt road at southeast corner and continues down and across face of bluff to another property in a bend of the river below.)  Driveway serves parking area to left of house and attached 600 sq. ft. garage with side entry.  Partly covered courtyard with low wall in front of house.  Front of property from house to north boundary and extending to right (west) for twice the width of the house is large rough lawn wrapped around large pond (with lots of trees on the pond’s edge).  Behind house, lawn extends to edge of bluff, with trees to left and right.  To right of house, lawn has privacy fence on right and front and includes a cement patio area.  Remaining ⅔ of property to west is scrub pasture with a 1500 sq. ft. concrete slab ready to build on near pond.  Circumference fence around property, but no cross fencing or current horse facilities.  

Interior is 1864 sq. ft., with 2 beds and 1 bath.  Front entrance from courtyard into 259 sq. ft. atrium (not included in total footage) that connects garage to house.  Atrium extends well to right of front door as the back wall of floor to ceiling windows curves out.  Right wall has French doors into dining section of open floor plan in which partial walls of adobe brick help to separate areas (including master bedroom at far right back).  Kitchen in front of dining extends into large open pantry at right behind one such wall.  Living area extends at back beyond French doors, with a back wall of large windows flanking a small one.  To right of windows, another adobe brick wall provides a corner for a wood stove on a raised hearth.  Beyond that is master bedroom, which extends still farther back with lots of windows and a door on the left side of the extension that opens onto small deck along back of living.  Open entrance to bedroom between the wall for the stove and a larger adobe brick wall that curves toward the front of the house (the walls overlap front to back but have a gap between them from left to right).  Second bedroom is in front right corner of house, with open entrance between end of curved adobe wall and center core bathroom.  Right wall of bedroom has exterior door into the privacy-fenced area beside house.  The odd-shaped bathroom to immediate right of pantry and in front of rightmost part of living space has stained glass windows near the high ceiling.  The ceiling for the front half of house (the dividing line is that between dining/kitchen and living spaces) is vaulted toward center where a row of south-facing clerestory windows provides extra light for the front.  The back half of the house has a lower flat ceiling of thin poles laid over large log beams (as is the ceiling over the atrium).  

185 Bevan Ln, Grand Junction, CO B

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