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Rocky Mountain Horse Property specializes in horse property, land, farms, and ranches for sale in Utah. It is our passion. We love it. It’s the reason we get up each morning. We have access to thousands of unique properties and will work hard to find that special one that fits your lifestyle.

If you are considering buying or selling, we would love the opportunity to speak with you and earn your business. We are confident that our expertise and attention to detail will help you have the best experience possible. We are horse owners and we understand the intricacies that come along with buying and selling these unique properties. Things such as water rights, property usage, out buildings, and access are very important, that’s why it’s key to work with a Realtor that understands these.

“As someone that works closely with 100’s of agents on a monthly basis, I can tell you this.. You’re going to get a straight shot from Dominic. He goes above and beyond to go to bat for his clients. When it comes to horse property, and any questions in that field he would be my first call!”

Kory W.  —  Plain City, UT

Dominic Poll

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Dominic Poll

A Utah Realtor

I grew up working on the family dairy farm/ranch, and I often say I haven’t worked since. Nothing I’ve ever done has been as hard as dairy farming. But I have to admit my love for animals and the land is rooted in those early years. As a kid and adolescent, I was involved in 4-H and FFA. But then everything changed — my dad got a job in Detroit, and I spent the rest of my high school years there. Nothing like the decaying cities of the Midwest to make me appreciate the wide-open spaces where I grew up. So, for college it was back to Utah, where I played basketball and soccer while earning degrees in business and fire science.

After college, I traveled the world for several years, including spending time in Russia, Estonia, and Latvia, before ending up in Southern California in the late 90s. My time abroad made me realize how lucky we are here in America to live without fear of the government or official corruption. The right to own property without undue interference is one we tend to take for granted. It was in California that my early love of horses was reignited as I got involved with retired and rescued thoroughbreds.

It was also in California that I got into real estate when a real estate agent friend asked for help with some clients. They were specifically interested in horse properties, and he had no idea what they were looking for or how to help them. He knew I was into horses and asked me to consult with them and help him find what they wanted. In the process, I realized how much I enjoyed helping people find just the right piece of property. I soon found myself involved in real estate full-time, becoming a licensed agent in 2006.

It was that spring of 2006 that I met my wife, Rachel, and we married soon after. She might not have been raised around horses like I was, but she soon came to share my passion for them. She also proved to have a natural talent for riding. Our eldest daughter was born the next year and my mind turned more than ever to my dream of owning sizable acreage for horses — and the lifestyle that goes with it. I soon realized that my best hope of making the dream come true was to move again — back home to Utah. And that’s what we did in the summer of 2008. We’ve been here ever since, and I certainly have no intention of ever leaving. We’ve added a son and another daughter to the family here in Utah.

Currently, we own Quarter Horses and other warmblood sport horses. We do a lot of trail riding, including long pack trips deep into the mountains throughout the western U.S. As our eldest approaches 9, she is getting involved in both English and Western riding disciplines, and it looks like the younger ones will soon be following. We are also starting a breeding program — Rachel is proving to be very knowledgeable and astute when it comes to producing fine horses with great dispositions.

Our own search for a suitable horse property when we moved to Utah reemphasized an issue I had recognized in California. Probably 90% of real estate agents simply can’t conceive of the importance horses have to their owners. They are not just a hobby, they’re a lifestyle. And there is a serious commitment that goes with that lifestyle. It’s a standing joke that horse people looking at properties check the land, barns, etc. first and only after they know their horses will be comfortable, do they ask if there’s a house on the property. But the difference in attitudes aside, there is also a factual issue. Horse properties often involve concerns that are mostly particular to them and are not usually encountered in other real estate sales, with the result that most agents don’t know how to handle them. So, when I got back into real estate full time after getting my Utah realtors license in 2010, I decided I would specialize in this aspect of real estate, merging the two passions of my life — horses and land.

Zach Lowry

A Utah Realtor

I am so honored to be working with the Rocky Mountain Horse Property team. I was born in California, though I call Utah my home. I grew up anxious and eager to leave Utah, I wanted to get out so badly. As most locals do I came to realize how well I had it. The skiing mixed with my love for lakes and boating, I realized, was always in my backyard. Growing up my family would take me to my grandfather’s ranch in Wyoming where I spent most of my summers digging holes for fences and tying barbwire. Though at the end of the day I always enjoyed taking the horses for a ride to watch the sunset. It is a culture that I did not grow up experiencing year-round and coming from the city I grew a lot of respect and admiration for small towns and ranch living.

I am currently attending Utah State University studying Economics. I enjoy putting what I learn to use in Real Estate to help others while they make the biggest purchase of their lives with confidence and knowledge.

To be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best. I truly believe that, and when it comes to land and horse property there is no better team then Rocky Mountain Horse Property lead by Dominic Poll. I enjoy learning from them every day to provide a smooth buying or listing experience when it comes to land and horse property.

Dominic Poll

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Dominic Poll

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Shaun Mathewson

A Utah Realtor

I am a bona-fide Utah local. Born and raised in Ogden, I have lived here my entire life. After all what’s not to like? I love being outside, I ride mountain bikes in the spring and summer, hunt throughout the fall, and ski in the winter. Sprinkle in a little golf and an occasional camping trip, and you have a recipe for a four season, recreational lifestyle. With so much opportunity literally at our doorstep and a love for the area, my family has put down deep roots right here in northern Utah. 

My wife and I met while at Weber State, raised our kids in Ogden, and graduated all three from Ogden High School (Go Tigers!) We love the area and have many close ties both personally and in business in the area.  Our kids think that I know every single person in the greater Ogden area. Not quite, but close. The knowledge I have of the area, and my extensive network of contacts and colleagues has the side benefit of knowing many of the local neighborhoods and towns very very well. 

Joining the team at Rocky Mountain Residential Properties and harnessing the awesome power of the Berkshire Hathaway brand was an easy decision. Dominic and the team are seasoned, savvy agents and together, we represent our clients in the best way possible. I enjoy knowing new people, and the real estate business has allowed me that, as well as the opportunity to help people through the daunting, and sometimes difficult process of selling or finding a home. Doing that for a family or individual is its own reward. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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